February 19, 2014

Push Notifications for Mobile Marketing

push notification

Marketing via mobile apps is only going to get bigger as we move further into the digital age. It’s not enough to just post catalogues with your offers in the mail, or drop a weekly email about upcoming products. Smartphones give people immediate access to things they want to know about, your task is to reach people at the best time:


Push notifications are instant alerts that appear on your phone, sent by an app. They are an immediate news bulletin for a customer to let them know about the latest development, event or offer from the brand they are following.  Statistics in a recent survey by U.S. based global-marketing company Responsys show that roughly 65% of mobile app users have push notifications enabled. The percentage is higher (75%) in the 18-34 age group.

This shows us that consumers are open to receiving alerts and 70% of these users find the information to be highly valuable.

So, are push notifications really that effective? Marketers have gotten into discussion about this and most agree that push notifications have a 50% higher chance of being opened versus email alerts.

We have the most control over our smartphones and what we want to see on them. This makes us trust our mobiles much more with what they display.

Which is why 43% percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when receiving a mobile message – this takes place over a period of time, across channels as part of an orchestrated marketing experience.

Australian based tech company Amigo App Systems have created a native mobile app Content Management System which allows the user to send push notifications to their audience through an easy to use dashboard. It even has a scheduling feature for setting future campaigns in place that trigger automatically.

A little push could help make all the difference for your brand. Give it a thought.