March 11, 2014

An App For Your Hotel


We are well into the mobile age – there is now a mobile app to tell you when and how to work out, new recipes to cook and one that tells you the name of the song you just heard on the radio. Pretty much every smartphone user has an application on their device that helps them access information quickly.

As an hotelier, you may wonder if your hotel should have an app or not. Why is it important to have an app? What are the benefits for you and your guests?

Before we explain why being on a mobile app is beneficial, we need to delve into just how important having a presence on mobiles is.

According to statistics from lab42, 85% of consumers use their smartphones while traveling – their primary use for smartphones while traveling is for:

  1. taking photos
  2. using the map feature
  3. searching restaurants
  4. searching activities and attractions
  5. check-in prior to flights


Travellers are looking out for this information, and your hotel can be the source for all this info by reaching their smartphones first through an app.

So how does your hotel benefit from having an app?

You become top of the tech food chain.

Having an app tells your customers and guests that you mean business, and that your hotel is committed to providing them with whatever they need on a place which they can access instantly. Even when your guests aren’t inside your hotel, your app gives them all the information they want.

Communicate instantly.

With an app, you can give your guests exclusive offers and rewards or invite them to special events, straight to their smartphone. With push notifications, you can send instant alerts to current and previous guests letting them know about your latest updates and offerings.

What about your guests? How can they benefit from using your app?

Access the surroundings with a touch.

Your guests can explore your property through your app, which can tell them where they can find the gym or the boardroom. Your app could even list out the best places in the area for dinner or shopping. Want to give guests a customized experience? Your app could even provide custom itineraries for thrill-seekers or spa-seekers.

Their very own mobile concierge.

Guests can use your app to get not just basic recommendations, but detailed experiences like InterContinental’s Concierge Insider Guides iPad app, which provides video tours and interactive maps for guests to use.

InterContinental Hotel app

InterContinental’s Concierge Insider Guides app source:


Quick feedback.

Having an app means your guests can access contact numbers or email ids of your staff to provide feedback, ask questions or make requests without having to rummage through leaflets or booklets to do so.

There are many things you can provide to your guests through the use of an app, Skift has a list of ten features travellers want the most from their hotels when it comes to mobiles:

What travelers want from a hotel


So, what will your mobile app do for your customers?